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About ADS

ADS Painting & Cleaning takes pride in bringing the highest levels of expertise and professionalism to every project we undertake.

We know how much your surroundings can affect your energy, so it’s our mission to ensure that your home or business become the highest reflection of who you are. 

You deserve the best quality, so we won’t cut corners. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

Here’s how we demonstrate our commitment to providing service you can rely on:


We are licensed, bonded and insured against any worst-case scenario.


Your safety is our priority! We conduct a nationwide criminal background check on every employee.

You want your belongings cared for while we work, and we do too. All of our employees are trained to maintain a clean and protected project area.

ADS Cleaning and Painting INC provide residential painting, cleaning, & remodeling services to homeowners throughout the Greenville, SC area.

alex desouza

About Alex Desouza, Co-Founder

Alex Desouza acts as lead project manager. He is responsible for coordinating projects, providing the most accurate quote for each prospect, and selecting the right experts for the job. 

A self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist, he is absolutely obsessed with finding the best technique to get a job done. He has an incredibly keen eye, and is committed to creating the highest quality end result.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys everything to do with cars — from remote control cars, to drifting sports, to restoring classics. His current restoration projects are VW bugs and vans. And, he loves his wife and kids.

Cristiane Desouza

About Cristiane Desouza, Co-Founder

Cristiane Desouza acts as the business manager for ADS, and also runs the cleaning projects.  She’s detail-oriented and makes sure that no part of your project falls through the cracks, or gets ignored. 

Her mission is to make sure that you feel at home in your space. She genuinely cares that you are happy with ADS, so that you continue to feel uplifted by a fresh and organized environment.

In her spare time, Cristiane is passionate about photography, and loves to capture special moments with families, couples, and kids. She also enjoys traveling (especially to the beach), reading, movies, nature, and working out.


Delivered exactly what they said they would and then some. I was very impressed by the attention to detail.


Cristiane and her staff have been providing us with extraordinary cleaning services for over 5 years. Her team is polite and always timely and the attention to detail is spot on.


Top-notch cleaning service for either regular service or for special projects Always very professional.